Our Mission

The mission of the Friends of the Cape Cod Rail Trail is:

  • Promotion of safe transportation on our bikeways and road crossings. The goal of which is to make the CCRT more usable, and to promote cycling, running, skating, and walking as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • To work with Nickerson State Park, who supervises the trail, to implement repairs or other issues to our bikeways, the CCRT and other recommended bike routes.
  • To provide a framework for future decisions regarding improvements to the bike path, up-grading public facilities, and building public awareness in ways that promote the safe use of the rail trail for recreation, and as an alternative means of transportation on Cape Cod.

Our Goals:

  • To promote educational and bicycling programs that support public health and tourism.
  • To foster safe, informed, and respectful interactions among people who run, walk, skate, ride bicycles, and drive trucks and automobiles.
  • To help drivers and cyclists to understand their respective responsibilities.
  • To work with police and government officials through enforcement and education.
  • To suggest and help implement rules governing the bike path.
  • To maintain bicycle safety and educational programs.

Our committee also makes recommendations for the allocation of funds to install crossing lights at various road crossings, as well as make requests to parties responsible for repairs that are needed, including painting and cleanup of the CCRT to keep the trail in good shape.

Join Forces With Us Today!

Please join our efforts to preserve and improve one of Cape Cod’s treasures. You will get a sticker and a membership card good for discounts at participating sponsors.